Wednesday, May 10, 2006

ebay and the bathroom

Nice Picture to post huh? Poor Chris always has some kind of injury, usually at the hands of Miss Pushy Shovey Gia...
So today I am trying to sell stuff on you ever wonder where people actually take the pictures of the items they are selling?
As I wandered around my house trying to find a location not blocked by toys or shoes or a lazy dog, and one that had good lighting and a clean spot of carpet, I thought about the bathroom. If I lifted up the rug in front of the tub there would (theoretically) be a clean spot with a nice neutral gray colored background.

So that got me thinking where other people took the pictures on ebay...was some fat old guy in dirty boxers taking a picture in his grimy bathroom? Were they taking the picture from inside thier jail cell for that matter? Did they have clothes on at all when photographing? And WHY does this matter to me? I don't know...but maybe it won't keep me up all night now.
Just recently my 1 year old (who used to be lovingly nicknamed "shovels" because of how he shoveled food in his mouth) has started to be a pain in the ass a meals. He throws all his food to the dog (and even calls her over to get it "AAAAAAAYYYYYYYYEEEEE") and then screams if you don't give him more. I don't get it. He's obviously hungry...some gets in his mouth, but at least half goes on the friggin floor. The he decides he needs to feed himself with the fork. Ahhh remember when it was our firstborn and you started taking videos and calling the grandparents when they started feeding themselves? And now I just want him to finish already! No, we have to say "uuummmmm UUMMMMMMM" and then put the fork in and repeat the "uuuummmmmm UUUMMMM" after. Like a little ritual, awww so cute. NOT! Just eat your food already!

And Gia, says this morning to my husband...
Gia... "Daddy were are you going?"
Daddy..."To the bathroom"
Gia..."Are you gonna take a huge dump, Daddy?"
Daddy..."uh...yeah Gee"
Gia..."Make sure you spray or you'll stink up the house"

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lara said...

soooo cute :D