Monday, February 26, 2007

back to school....not!

So it was supposed to be back to school for DD today but it was a snow day instead. It wasn't even that bad out....oh well one more day! Here are a few things I did over the weekend...

Don't have much mojo these days...and I gotta give up on carte postale already!

Wednesday, February 21, 2007

Happy Hump Day

Ok so it's finally half way through the week, but I am still going nuts. The kids are bored, I'm bored... blah, blah, blah.
I have been so uninspired these days on top of it all. I tried the color challenge for the week on, black and gold for Chinese New year. I found a scrap of gold shiny paper, and my gold embossing powder and here's what I came up with. I am getting sick of carte postale by the's just been sitting on my desk and I keep grabbing it. SO, now I put it away under a few other sets that are feeling neglected. Have lots to catch up on this weekend too...I'll be sure to post a bunch of stuff on Sunday.

Monday, February 19, 2007

the first day of the week UGH

SO for the first day of the week off from school we have gone to BJ's, the drug store, tried on sandals for our vacation next week and all cried over bad bellies from the Cold Stone ice cream from yesterday. That's it. I have been trying to make a simple notecard set to give my best friend for her birthday, and as you can see simple is hard for me!These 2 I did this morning and I was thinking of copying the same format and just doing 2 more colors...maybe blue and red? Anyone have an idea for me? Oh and that was me and the kiddies while we were watching a new episode of the Wonder Pets...I get very excited for new episodes...of ANYTHING!

Sunday, February 18, 2007

lazy sunday

Pretty in Pink! I figured since I can't upload to SCS today, I'll upload to my blog! his was the featured stamper challenge today...this card was cased from notimetostamp here. She is so talented, I had a hard time chosing one card to case! Otherwise, it's Sunday, it's boring and there is a whole week left of it since there is no school. UGH!

Saturday, February 17, 2007

Stamp a Stack cards

Here are the cards we did at our Stamp a Stack last night...

for more info on them you can look in my gallery on SCS.
PS the St. Patty's Day card was done with Michael's Dollar stamps and the last is a waterfall card...oooohhh, first attempt at them.

Friday, February 16, 2007

had to share this...

Your French Name is:

Juliette Mallet

this was from something I saw on cobrielle's blog...hers was what color is your brain..I figured I'd try a diferent one....just call me

My first comment and VSN creations

Hooray for my very first comment in my blog from Allison!

I am really staring to getthis all going well for the sake of my new business! My friend Toni and I are officially in business with our first event tonight. Handmade by Me! is now a business! We are focusing on craft parties, workshops and all day crops right now. Tonight is our debut with an Adult Stamp a Stack, in 2 weeks we have our first Scrapbook workshop and May 12 is the big ALL DAY Crop!
So now I promise you, my little blog to post at least one project a day. Hold me to it, I can get pretty lazy! So today I am posting all of my VSN favorites...

These were actually winners...the first was a challenge from flaxychick to use diamond dust and pearl ex on a card. I went with the pearl-ex and lumiere paint [since it was all I had] and came up with this background for the buterfly. Then I used red line tape to make a border and put these awesome glitter-like beads on it. They were a gift from cobrielle who was my secret sweetheart for VSN.

Next was a genie bag challenge from stamphappy6805...I never made one of these awesome little baggies before! How cool are they! he instructions are posted in the SCS site's VSN forum here
Just a regualr lunch bag and some pretty Anna Griffin paper, carte postale and some gold embossing powder and viola!
The last was for one of the kid's challenges from flutterbees...Gia loved this one. They were to make a mouse out of a cut out heart. Well, when she made the first one, she got so excited she had to make a whole family! These were a lot of fun!

So tonight is Stamp a Stack, our very first and I will be sure to post the cards we made here tomorow...TTFN

Thursday, February 15, 2007

Ok I am slowly starting to get this blog thing down....I want to do so many things to tweak it and just can't figure it out....

Anyway here is a card I made today for a black and white challenge...
it was inspired by this Valentine's Day card from my DH

Yesterday I recieved a wonderful gift..not from my kids or DH either...I had been complaining about my keyboard being wacky...partly why I have been neglecting my poor blog...the symbols above the numbers don't work and some capitals won't work either. So out of the blue I get a package and in it is a new keyboard. Of course I assume DH did something nice and unromantic but it wasn't from him. It was from another SCSer, Vicki, aka flutterbees. She said "sending you some exclamation points and capital leters. Consider yourself RAKed." How AWESOME is that? Angels are everyhere around us...really.