Friday, March 30, 2007

Update on the May crop...

Well folks, it looks like we are FULL! Right now, I have 4 people who confirmed thier checks are in the mail at this moment and as soon as I get them in my hands we are at maximum capacity! I will update and let you know if there are any cancellations or errors on my part (which I doubt LOL)...but for now, CLOSED! Thanks!

Thursday, March 29, 2007

Scrapping again!

Oh, it's sooooo nice to scrapbook again! I was sucked into the awesomeness of stamping and forgot my old baby! We went to a PJ crop, 6pm to 6am and had so much fun! Here's what I did, along with a 6X6 Disney theme album and a 6X6 album for Chris' 2nd birthday. Whew! Seems like a lot but the 2 mini albums were kits with everything all nice and picked out and matching. It's really a great idea when you want to put something nice together but don't want to put the time into it. I use my 12 X 12 albums to try new techniques or long time consuming ones. Just wait till you see the pages I came up with for VSBN! Virtual Scrapbooking Night on SCS is April 13 & 14 and I am hostessing a challenge. Much like VSN but you get 2 hours for each challenge. I cannot wait to post them! I haven't seen Toni since Tuesday (shocking!) but when I see her again I will get the page we did for our stamp club.
oh BTW...what do you think of the blog header? I have been struggling with editing my HTML (why didn't I pay attention in college?) and I am still not happy with it, but I have all weekend to work on it...DH is doing OT on Saturday...
Oh....more exciting news! Toni (my friend and business partner BTW) has convinced her DH that they shouldn't rent their basement out and should let us use it as a classroom! How cool! So, from now on all our classes and small crops will be in the comfort of Toni's very spacious basement! Can't wait to fill it up with all our stuff! Hope to see you LI locals at some classes...I have some great ideas for a few and will be posting them as we set dates!
So................. hooray, it's almost Friday!!! Enjoy the weekend!

Wednesday, March 28, 2007

just a FYI...

I can't believe it but the May crop is almost full! We have about 5 spots open! We had such an amazing response, it should be a real success. The primas were ordered, and will be ready for purchase then also. We are so excited! Last night was the last meeting of this round of our stamp club...the next will start again in May, if you are interested in joining, call me or Toni for the details. Last night, we did a 12 X 12 spring layout using a Stampin' Up simply scrappin kit. It was so easy and pretty! Of course, I left it at Toni's house so as soon as I get it back I will post it.
VSN results tonight! So exciting!
AND....if that kid doesn't get booted off AI tonight I WILL stop watching the show. I swear!

Sunday, March 25, 2007

VSN weekend!

What a blast VSN is on Splitcoast! Such a great way to stretch your creative arms! Lots of new techniques and! This time I was a hostess again and my challenge was to do a postcard (the theme was Vacation Getaway!) Now my big job is to pick 5-6 "winners"...yikes! There were so many great ones to chose from! Well, you know what I'll be doing tomorrow...anyway, here are some of my entries for the weekend...
The first one I attempted was to alter some kind of container to make as a survival kit. This was so fun! I used a mini paint can and made a new puppy survival kit, for all the necessities of a new puppy! I think I may have to use this one in an upcoming class...
Next up, the frayed and frazzled challenge from my friend Joni. You had to fray the grosgrain ribbon by cutting the ends of the ribbon and pulling apart the pieces. I just the other day made the same card (almost) for our stamp a stack. I just really loved this card (used polka dots and paisley too) and gave mine away at the stamp a stack (we raffle off the sample cards at the end of the class). For this one though I stuck with the challenge and I used a grosgrain ribbon and frayed the ends.
The next was to use a piece of vacation clothing in a card...I traced my DD's flip flops and cut them down a little and added the ribbon. I also used bleach to stamp the background with Best fun!

Next challenge was to make a pop up card. I love them , so I found the biggest flowers I had (Office Accoutrement) and pops away!
Last one for me was to make a luggage funny I have been a nut with making them lately! So I used CausaBella and a ribbon punch for this tag...luggage tag for a cause...LOL

Thursday, March 22, 2007

more cards sitting around....

These were begging to get posted...especially the bella! The first was done with very punny and houndstooth background...the only scalloped punch I have is the square one so I try to use it whenever considering how hard is was to get!
The second one was Cosmo Bella, and some weird background stamp I found in my MIL's stash! It reminded me of champagne bubbles LOL!
The last I did with polka dots and paisley and my new Rhonna Farrer swirls! I LOVE these flourishes! I think I went a little crazy with them though! I actually stamped last night to make samples for our stamp a stack tonight (ack, a little behind) so I'll post them later!

some things I did in Florida

These are a few cards I did in Florida with my MIL's stuff!

For the first one I used heartfelt thanks, which is a set I have always wanted to buy but never have (you know what will be in my next order, right?). I like it because it can be used for so many occasions...this one is for a sympathy card I need for a friend's father in law who recently passed away.
The second I used Birthday beauty and Doodle this on the background...I also used dazzling diamonds on the sash...the buckle was just lying around on her craft table so I snagged it up and saved it's life!

SO, in this blog I am trying to document my stamping my style is changing because of awesome influences like my new friends on SCS. I also want to provide potential clients to our little company with examples of my work, so one day you might see a card made for a challenge on SCS and one day you may see an invitation or party favor I am working on for a client. Either way, I am still a work in progress and I hope you enjoy the process as much as I am!

NEXT candy! My first foray into this fun world...stay tuned!

Wednesday, March 14, 2007

back home again

SO we returned from Florida on Sunday after what was probably the worst week of my life! Both kids sick with a virus and ear infections, high fevers and diahrrea, and my mother in law gets the FLU, and now that we are home I have a terrible virus myself. And I have soooo many things to do this week. I am trying to pull ,yself together, slowly....I'll post pictures soon I promise....

Thursday, March 01, 2007


Well, we will be leaving for Florida tomorrow, I'll be checking email but may not have time to update my blog. I will be stamping and stuff though, using my MIL's fun stuff! So arrividerci! See you on the flip side!