Sunday, March 25, 2007

VSN weekend!

What a blast VSN is on Splitcoast! Such a great way to stretch your creative arms! Lots of new techniques and! This time I was a hostess again and my challenge was to do a postcard (the theme was Vacation Getaway!) Now my big job is to pick 5-6 "winners"...yikes! There were so many great ones to chose from! Well, you know what I'll be doing tomorrow...anyway, here are some of my entries for the weekend...
The first one I attempted was to alter some kind of container to make as a survival kit. This was so fun! I used a mini paint can and made a new puppy survival kit, for all the necessities of a new puppy! I think I may have to use this one in an upcoming class...
Next up, the frayed and frazzled challenge from my friend Joni. You had to fray the grosgrain ribbon by cutting the ends of the ribbon and pulling apart the pieces. I just the other day made the same card (almost) for our stamp a stack. I just really loved this card (used polka dots and paisley too) and gave mine away at the stamp a stack (we raffle off the sample cards at the end of the class). For this one though I stuck with the challenge and I used a grosgrain ribbon and frayed the ends.
The next was to use a piece of vacation clothing in a card...I traced my DD's flip flops and cut them down a little and added the ribbon. I also used bleach to stamp the background with Best fun!

Next challenge was to make a pop up card. I love them , so I found the biggest flowers I had (Office Accoutrement) and pops away!
Last one for me was to make a luggage funny I have been a nut with making them lately! So I used CausaBella and a ribbon punch for this tag...luggage tag for a cause...LOL

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