Friday, May 12, 2006


Today, I have my monthly "friend." I always hated that analogy, (reminder to myself, DON'T SAY IT EVER AGAIN) but it sounds better than I am on the rag. So, is the conversation while I am on the toilet...(the door is open of course and I have company as usual):

Gia: Mom, what are you doing? (Duh)
Mom: Going to the bathroom.
Gia: What is that thing? (pointing to maxi pad)
Mom: It's something Mommies need to wear sometimes
(Don't want to get into it right now, please)
Gia: Looks like a diaper...
Mom: yeah, I guess...
Gia: (crying)
Mom: What's wrong?
Gia: You're too big....
Mom: For what?
Gia: For me to change your diaper....

Is this kid for real?????

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