Tuesday, May 09, 2006

check out the 35 year old virgin

Ok, now that I have your attention...
I am a virgin...to blogging...where is YOUR mind?
So instead of slowly rotting my brain by watching kiddie shows all day I figured I would try it. I still can't believe that the mundane happenings of my daily life could be of any interest to anyone else alive, but maybe one day my kids will look back on it and get a good laugh.

So about me...Hi, I'm Denise, I live on Long Island, NY (pronounced Lawng Eye Lind) with my husband Joe of 4 1/2 years, my boxer Adrian and my kids- Giavanna who will be 3 on May 25th and Christopher who just turned 1 in March. From now on the kids will be referred to as Gia and Chris. Got it? Good. Yes I decided to start blogging on a PMS day, oh well- deal.

So let's see...I love scrapbooking, TIVO, restaurants that deliver and take credit cards over the phone, gardening, Lost (love Jack), House (why can't there be more caring docs like you?), American Idol (Chris is gonna win by the way), wine (yum), The Elder Scrolls (X-Box game, sorry I'm a nerd), my IPOD, the DVD player in my mini van, and country music.

I am a stay at home mom or a SAHM (news to me) by accident...literally. I was injured on the job in 2002 from my career (if you can call it that) as a Paramedic. Sometimes I miss it but luckily (or unfortunately) my one year old is a complete klutz and I am forever debating if he needs to go to the ER or not.

Ok, so, here's my thing...almost every morning I wake up with a question or something that is just bugging me from the day before. So I figure I can get it out of my system by blogging it and then look back at it and figure it all out (yeah right). Hey, it could work...and if not, I can actually put in writing the ridiculous things that happen, that no one will believe, and write a fiction novel about it.

SO today...Chris was a crab and Gia just kept asking me if it was really Tuesday...why I don't know. So far...I got nothin'.

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