Monday, June 25, 2007

Back in NY

So, we got back from Florida on Thursday and what a busy weekend we had! No crafting done at all (even though I went shopping in a LSS in Boca!) sad! But, here is something fun....
I made these frames at my Mother-In-Law's upline's workshop in Florida....
I just loooove the shells...of course that set is retiring, think I may have to get it!
Oh, yes....they will be the next project for an upcoming workshop in August! Stay tuned for dates, me and Toni are close to confirming all the dates for the summer!

Oh, one more thing to share....this cactus was a tiny clipping that I took from our old house 3 years ago...every year I get more and more flowers! It's awesome! Enjoy the week everyone!

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Toni said...

Those frames are great! Love the color combo