Monday, August 17, 2009


Whew! This weekend was Virtual Stamping Night on SCS. It's actually 2 days, Friday night and All day Saturday but it's still called VSN. Over the 2 days you can accumulate quite a nice pile of cards! Here are all mine. Sorry they don't have details with them like I normally would have taken me forever! If you are interested in the details of one of these cards you can locate each card in my gallery on SCS HERE.

I will tell you about the first two, however. These are from my 6 year old daughter's challenge. She was the very first Kid's Challenge Hostess on VSN. She was so excited and even made a video introducing her challenge. You can see the challenge and her video HERE. Her challenge was to create a placemat using food for stamps.
Here are her samples:

The next 4 cards were samples from my challenge HERE:

This one is a mini pizza box! I am going to put gift tags inside for the holidays!
This one is a surprise pop up card!

This one has actual poppy seeds in the center!

This one has a cut out window in the center...

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Michelle/Eliotstamps said...

Your cards turned out amazing, D! You really had the mojo going!